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Friday, January 26, 2007

Signs you might be confusing "Bro'in" with " man-dating" (Source2, BauerOut, Cheech, & Rigetti)

If you go out to dinner with your best friend that you always "bro" with, but you split a bottle of are actually on a man-date

If you go to a concert with your best friend that you always "bro" with, but it is Coldplay with Rob Thomas from Matchbook 20 opening solo acoustic, you are officially on a man-date

If you go to the gym with your best friend that you always "bro" with, but you spot eachother on deadlifts, run side by side on treadmills while watching "Next" on MTV, then go to Cosi's afterwords for a salad, you are clearly on a man-date

If you go to the beach with your best friend that you always "bro" with but apply sun-tan lotion on each others backs because your mom is not there to do it, you are 100% on a man-date

If you go to see a movie with your best friend that you always "bro" with, but go get ice cream cones after, you are considered on a mandate, and if the movie was Drumline or Bring it On, you are under serious suspicion.

If you "bro" with someone by watching tv together, but you designate a specific night to watch a certain "show" you are on a man-date.

If you're on a roadtrip and you call your buddy you always "bro" with more than once, you've entered into a long-distance man-date relationship.

If you go for a bike ride with your best friend that you alwasy "bro" with , you can remain in "bro" territory by racing him. If you just cruise, you're on a man-date.

Dropping a comment on your friend's myspace page is "bro'in". Trading myspace messages is cyber-man-dating.

Having a smoke with your friends you always " bro" with is totally within the Offical Rules and Guidlines of Bro'in...but sharing a smoke is the essence of man-date.

Getting shitcanned at a party and wrestling your friend is about as "bro" as
it gets. In some circles it is considered "bromance" which is still "on".
However, getting into a public argument over who owes money for the cable bill and/or dropping the heaviest vibes about it is practically man-dating (and totally not "on").

If some wise ass sees the two of you wrestling and comments that it's "bromantic", be sure that he most def wants to man-date you.

Hitting up the mall to rock some quiznos, bourbon chicken, and cd store is totally "bro'in", but hitting up the mall to rock starbucks, dip'in dots, sunglass hut, lucky jeans, and the bonzai tree store is so fucking man-dating it is illegal.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

After careful analysis, I have determined the following facts about Bob Justice. (Ty Webb)

#1.He uses the term "holiday", which is totally 100% European as well as totally gay.

#2.He has an unhealthy obsession with U2, including both Bono's Tampon and the Edge, which leads me to believe he is an Irish Republican Army soldier setting out to use FLF as a platform for his next campaign of Cyber Terror and or Cyber gay porn with U2 lookalikes)

#3.Gene from WetHOT American Summer knows that he's a fag, cause he saw him in the shed with McKinley and Ben.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


--Smack that…

--You guys ready to rock!?!


--Oooo yeaaaa!!

--Ridin’ diiirty

--Rockin’ a packed stadium with your Paul Stanley ‘footowork’ and neon green dishwashing gloves…..

--...while bustin’ out “80’s power moves courtesy of Joey Tempest” (aka Big Frank)

--Listen…relax…I got it…

--Giving it fromby

--Getting it fromby

--I know guy!!…I’m getting Guitar Hero II for Christmas…I’m gonna rock this town to the ground!!!

--Armageddon will hit the Earth when the hot new rocking air-guitar band “Oxygen” jumps fresh onto the scene.

--We run shit around here

--Yea I got that bitch…obbbviously…

--I don’t know you, I don’t like you…but as of right now, I’m all over you…

--Hey come here…listen…go get me a beer while I get your girlfriend…

--I need a respirator cuz I’m runnin’ outta breath…so lets Armageddon It!!!

--Hey kid…your mom is gonna get it fromby and she won’t even see it coming.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Reasons why Bill Paxton is One of My Favorite Actors (LHawk aka Sleeves are for Pussies)

Navy Seals- The was the sniper of the team. He didn't have a whole lot of monologue, but his mustache said it all. It was rumored he beat out Rob Lowe for the part.

Weird Science- Chet Donnelly, it was pre-mustache , but he must have spent hours gelin' that flat top.

True Lies- The Pax plays Simon, the cheesey car salesman who fakes he is a secret undercover agent.
"Pussy right, cause let's face it, the vette, gets'em wet." This wasn't the only Pax/Arnold super action duo team-up. They also played opposite in Comando and Terminator. Producers tried to salvage not having Arnold in Predator 2 by putting in only Paxinator.
Nice mustache Glover.

Coconut Pete from Broken Lizards Club Dread- "They call me the mayor, cause I spend all my days here...Pina Coladaburg." or "you think Eddie Money had to put up with all of this??" or "Man, these drinks are strong, shouldn't have smoked that bong, now I'm to drunk to sing this song."

Friday, January 05, 2007

*all of these Power Moves can be viewed in the Cherokee video…most of them in the first minute…which is pretty aggressive.

The Passion: this is when you make a fist like your gonna knock someone out but you just hold it in front of your chest while singing with a constipated look on your face.

Double Passion: same thing as the Passion but double the fist and double the constipated look.

Passion Pump: throw up a passion but quickly switch to the other fist but make sure this doesn’t go back and forth more than 5 times because it’ll just look weird

Power Shrug: stand still with a little lean and forcefully shrug your shoulders up and down while you put up your dukes

Body Rock: stand still and in one motion shift the lower torso one way while you shift the upper torso the other way…make sure the shifts are sharp but be careful you don’t catch whiplash

Team Power Fist: whole band is lined up and in mid-song everyone throws up a fist as high as they can…it must be done at the right time of the song or it just wont work
Slow-Mo: everyone in the video is going in slow motion while the song is still in normal speed and somehow the beat still matches up…if you look closely you’ll catch someone (usually the drummer) making an aggressive face

The Look Away: your singing and throwing out a Double Passion or Power Shrug while looking up to the left or right (this probably means he’s reading the lyrics because he’s so into his moves he can’t remember how the song goes)

Power-X: you throw up your dukes and forcefully and quickly throw them into and ‘X’ and then throw your elbows straight down…two things to this…it has to be done while you throw out an aggressive lyric and be careful you don’t dislocate a shoulder