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Monday, July 21, 2008

REASONS WHY I THINK THIS PHOTO RULES AND Kid Springsteens reaction to seeing it(Source2 and Kid Springsteen)

1. Spud Mackenzie actually had Party Faves
2. His band name is Spud and the party animals
3. He is sporting sick shades and what appears to be snake skin garment
4. He looks like he is going to shred Money for Nothing at any given moment
5. He looks way cooler than Tom Cruise in Risky Business with those shades.

Kid Springsteen Reaction:

HaHa! Money for Nothing, totally.

I feel like Spuds Mackenzie just got famous for being this total Party Animal (dog) and people liked having him at parties obvously 'cause he had theme music and party faves and rolled with a posse of bitches, but then he kind of got too heavy into the partying and fame thing and they made a cartoon featuring him and he lost his sponsorship with Bud Light 'cause he peed on the carpet in their office when he was waaasted, and got mixed up in this super sketchy prank-gone-wrong where he was in a Punk'd War with Garfield cause they used to be boyz, but then Spuds got famous and they kind of went there separate ways, but Garfield owed him some money so Spuds and his gang decided to kidnap Odie like in Alpha Dog but everyone was waaay fucked up and Spuds was like 'yo, give Odie that Bud Light Guitar' and some lasagna and we'll take a picture of him and send it to Garfield', but all of Spuds friends were like, nah dood, Odie is straight edge, everyone knows that, don't mess. so Spuds went on this total blow freakout session and kicked everyone out and then he was like, fuck it, just take a picture of me with this killer Bud Light axe and this new solo I just invented. Wooo!

The whole time Huey Lewis Hip To Be Square is blaring in the background and the fat guy from 21 jump street is trying to make a bong out of an apple, a snorkel and two rubberbands.


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