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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Reasons why Bill Paxton is One of My Favorite Actors (LHawk aka Sleeves are for Pussies)

Navy Seals- The was the sniper of the team. He didn't have a whole lot of monologue, but his mustache said it all. It was rumored he beat out Rob Lowe for the part.

Weird Science- Chet Donnelly, it was pre-mustache , but he must have spent hours gelin' that flat top.

True Lies- The Pax plays Simon, the cheesey car salesman who fakes he is a secret undercover agent.
"Pussy right, cause let's face it, the vette, gets'em wet." This wasn't the only Pax/Arnold super action duo team-up. They also played opposite in Comando and Terminator. Producers tried to salvage not having Arnold in Predator 2 by putting in only Paxinator.
Nice mustache Glover.

Coconut Pete from Broken Lizards Club Dread- "They call me the mayor, cause I spend all my days here...Pina Coladaburg." or "you think Eddie Money had to put up with all of this??" or "Man, these drinks are strong, shouldn't have smoked that bong, now I'm to drunk to sing this song."


  • At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Bill Belicheck's self cut off sweatshirt said…

    aliens: paxtonious is the overly jacked up marine who's constantly on the freakout. shrunken penis, or any penis at all is undetermined


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