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Friday, November 04, 2005


I didn't know Dee Snider used to wrestle

I am not Jimmy Gross...okay I might be

Its easy to rock high fives all day when the volume on your shirts are turned up this high

"Hey lets go to Monkey tonight."
"Alright, lets shower up first."
"Man, Im gonna get wasted tonight."
"yeah, wasted. How bout that shower."
"Im probably gonna drink ten zimas."
"mmm. shower?"

Kerry Von Erik telling the Ultimate Warrior to ease

Ravishing Rick Rude was like "if I have to do this Mentos commerical with these underage filipino/mexican retard triplets than I'm wearing cheetah print. End of story." The slopey kid on the right with the sick blue kicks finally realizes that he's in the presence of gear greatness.

Tiger-print, leather-fringed inlay cutoff, matching bandanna and wristbands with your name on it, AND one lens aviators. No wonder Macho Man is number 1

Wheres the rave fellas?

In the middle of a huge double-J strut. Notice the watch tan on his left wrist

Nobody is perfect...but Perfect.

Cocaines a hell of a drug

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Rick Flair

Terry Manfredo

Logan Magruder

Jake Palmers Mustache

Harry Shlong

Han Solo

Baggy Ball Bag

Rex Manning

Jesse Barfield

Pussy Slap

My Nutz Your Chin

Guy Rumple

Rubbing Guyster

Outee Belly Button

Dick Nice

Eddie Money

Dew Drop Guy

Lance Wacheinheim

Jake Stevenson

Scenemaster Griznar

Derek Sutton

Bernie Lomax

John Ogrodnick