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Monday, December 20, 2004

Top 15 What Were They Thinking Moments in '80s Metal Style
(posted by Frankie C.)
15) Jovi Hires bassist Alec Jon Such.(what kind of metal name is Alec Jon?)
14)Ted Nugent forms Damn Yankees with that wussy looking guy from Styx. (should've stayed solo Ted)
13)Group of guys form a band named Britny Fox(I have nothing to say to that)
12)Alec Jon Such goes to Alec Jon Suck and gets fired by Jovi
11)Van Halen hires Extreme's Gary Sharone as new lead singer. (I guess he wasn't busy being Eric Roberts' stunt double in Best of the Best 2)
10)Motley Crue hires John Corabi to replace Vince Neil. (How could you replace Vince Neil?)
9)Van Halen hires Sammy Hagar to replace David Lee Roth(new brand of fan is born, and subsequently made fun of: The Van Hagar)
8)Guns N' Roses breaks up
7)First ever Metal Grammy Award goes to Jethro Tull (flutes are not metal, no matter what your Aunt says)
6)Kix writes songs about children's nursery rhymes (no wonder they're putting up billboards these days.)
5)Axl Rose reforms GNR with all new band members and Raiders jersey and a head full of braids.
4)Europe writes songs about Indian Tribe Cherokee and The Trail of Tears. (who does that?)
3)Steve Plunkett goes from Autograph to writing the Seventh Heaven theme song (unfortunately doesnt use an alias)
2)David Lee Roth goes from Van Halen to an EMT in the Bronx (seriously)
1)Jovi cuts his hair