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Thursday, September 21, 2006


People who have the college stickers on the back windshiled of their cars. Relax Rudy no one gives a fuck that you went to Notre Dame trust me. Oh sweet you went to Harvard? Do you want a cookie? How about the people who went to shit colleges and put them up anyway. Enough of these stickers

Getting black out drunk and hooking up with a girl only to find out she is still a virgin and she is a senior in college. My mind was blown and so was my nut. Talk about blue balls. At 5 am in a drunken stupor my cock needs a warm place to sleep. Not cool. Blow job would have been acceptable but I understand not wanting to do it with my friend passed out two feet away on a bean bag. Even though my plan was to wake him with my right foot while she was riding on my hog with her tits flopping around becasue that would have been halarious.

AROD: Shut the fuck up. Giambi: Shut the fuck up. What is wrong with these assholes? We are heading into playoffs and the last thing we need is a distraction. This is the late 70's Bronx Zoo all over again. Just play baseball. See the ball, hit the ball, field the ball, throw the ball. That simple. Arod needs to stop being a pretty boy fag and just hit. He gets up to the plate and does not even look like a threat. He misses all the time and constantly guesses wrong. Look how scary Sheffield and Ortiz and Manny are at the plate. They look like they are going to kill every pitch that comes in. Not Arod. He thumbs his ass up there, chews seeds, plays with his batting gloves, takes these long extended half ass practice swings and then he strikes out looking. I dont get it. He should have 200 RBI's a season but he doesnt. He is not a winner and does not understand what being on a winning team even means. In NY, the real yankees (Jeter, Bernie, Posado, Mo) they dont worry about average or stats, all they care about is winning games, no matter how it gets done because in the end, that is all that matters. Arods MVP season what today seems almost forgotten was a joke because he shit the bed in the playoffs and has not shown signs of producing in clutch situations that will translate to the yankees winning the World Series this year. And Giambi has not won shit since he won the MVP for Oakland. Win a world serioes Jason and then rip on AROD for production. You are hitting .245 for crying out loud. Yea you have 38 hommers and 106 RBI's, i dont care, those numbers have numbers have not moved in two weeks. You are the definition of a slump. By the way last I checked you sat out of game 5 in the 2003 world series becasue your knee hurt. Ever hear of Paul O'Neil? This warrior practically crawled out to right field in game 5 1996 against the Braves just to help win. Jesus. what a pussy. Yuu miss games all the time because you are hurt. When the Redsox came back from 3-0 you were no where to be found. You sat out 2 of those games because you were hurt. In order for the Yanks to win it all this year the two of you need to pull your heads out of each others ass and start hiting some baseballs. End of story.

In college I used to be able to buy a half ounce of weed but back home I can only get gram bags. The other day this guy actually told me he had dime bags! I said thanks Darrly (R.I.P) how about a slice? (1/8) Sorry man I only have dimes and 20's. Fine I will take 6. Mother fuckers!!


  • At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Kid Springsteen said…

    By the way, in addition to that killer Yankee rant, Arod was also seen eating grapes in the dugout when he sat out the second game of the doubleheader against the Sox. Grapes? Eeeeease Calorie Commando.


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