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Thursday, October 18, 2007

If you were ever to get busted with one of these posters in your room, you would be considered the "creepy" kid from here on out: posted by (BauerOut and Source 2)

-Devils former net minder; Chris Terreri.
-A poster of Bill and Ted. This alone doesn't sound too creepy. The Creepiness comes into play when Keuana Reeves face is ripped out of the poster only to be replaced with your future sex offender steeze.
-Jesse and the Rippers doing an unplugged session with Ray Pruet.
-The Nasty Boys In an intense game of thumb wrestling.
-Mike O'maley and Dan Cortez climbing the Agro Crag.
-Giuseppe Franco geling Gary Buseys hair.
-Super Fly Jimmy Snucka as a referee.
-Just Billy Baldwin....thats it.
-Bobby Budnik and Tom Hanks friend in BIG back to back Double Impact status.
-The Olsen Twins at age 4?....


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