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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Great list compiled by my team (Source2, Ty Webb, Brett Hedican, Son of Aron, Fontanna, Flip Mclovin)


Dudes who were mooose knuckle Lady Levi's jeans.
Chicks who talk.
Grand mothers that don't put out.
Salamanders that wont pick up the tab.
Bromancing... nough said
Dogs that can't hold their own with cats... get a real dog gary
The Wind-Tunnel hair dew (are those Male Blowouts, cause i thoght that maybe Jon was talking about Kilbasa Conventions)
Ribbed for her pleasure.... Fuck her (both literally and figueritivly)
Pop Culture (95-present)
Actors who think I give a turd about they're political opinions
Angelina Jolie's wheather striping and the fact that I can't rap them around my foundation
Daddy Long Legs
Silk Boxers
Boy Bands
Jenny From The Block

Brent Hedican
People who always walk with loose coins in their pockets
crying children in public places
Most rap
Dreadlocks on white people
The old guy who shows up to pickup hockey who: doesn't pass, doesn't skate, *doesn't get tired*, and therefore, never feels the need to change up.

Son of Aron
Huge tourist groups all wearing the same stupid ass hot pink shirt and who block an entire sidewalk...those motherfuckers.
Drivers who dont use turnsignals
Male Blowouts
Big Eurpoean style bushes (vaginal)
Little mothers getting into big ass SUV's
People who refer to me as Jon and JOHN
Bands who thinks they are cool enough to stage dive, only to be sadly mistaken when no one catches them and they fall on thier stupid faces (fall out boy)

Flip Mclovin
Flaming waiters describing a brazilian steak house dinner
Trees falling on roadways
John Cena playing tennis
The menatally retarded in line before me at a deli.

Using tissues to clean up sperm after a beat vs. little towel
Different flavored cream cheese
People who wear lifting gloves
Razor burn
Bands that don't live up to there name (Megadeath)
Guys who eat loli-pops
Girls who spray fart during anal preparation
People who constantly click their pens in staff meetings
Those little things you keep in your dress shirts to keep the collar stiff that fall out all the time after laundry
Viagra, LEvitra, Cialis junk email
Mikes Hard lemonade (nothing hard about it whatsoever)
Michael Vick
Tiki Barber's media career
The fact that Doug Mirabelli on the Red Sox is "only here for the bud light"

Ty Webb
People who adjust their grundles then shake hands thinking its no big deal
Women who know their bearded clams smell like halibut and still expect you to chow fishbox
Tennis players


  • At 7:39 AM, Anonymous LHawk aka Space Mountain said…

    People who tell me to "let go" of writing movie lists. I take pride in being the most knowledgable movie person I know. Sorry if Stallone and Van Damage still make me laugh. I still just can't take the careers seriously, and everytime I watch Tango and Cash the same cheesefest lines get me. Besides, diversity in Lists is what makes FLF great.
    Also, dudes who wear sequins on their shirts or pants. Really bro? Is that an eagle made of sequins on the back of your shirt? And nice job matching it with the one on your jeans. Same dude grinded my gears because he is over 30 trying to take down the 18 year old bartender. Look buddy, she can tell you need Hair Club for Men and the fact you brought your labtop to the bar because you have no friends is a dead give away that you have a bumper sticker on your moped that says "I take it in the jaw".

  • At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Guy Fontana said…

    What grinds my girls are junkies with monkey diseases. Why don't you just leave them moneys alone, they got enough problems as it is. P.S. Guy Fontana is an actual kid in my history class. With a name like that, he was born to " Get Awesome."

  • At 11:06 PM, Anonymous sOurCe2 said…

    sometimes you just have to "get awesome" on some chick and then shoot a load on her face and then toss rainbow sprinkles all of her grill...the cupcake or i like the call it.."the bake sale"

  • At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Ty Webb said…

    The bake sale is actually when you bang your girlfriend's hot mother upstairs and then snag whatever homemade snacks are on the counter on your way back to her unsuspecting daughter.


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