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Monday, March 26, 2007


· Eat an entire 96 ounce steak dinner, like john candy in “the great
· Rent and watch the only known copy of “Rad” from blockbuster
· Armageddon it
· Heckle some one so badly they burst into tears or shit themselves
· Eat an entire vat of pat’s chili and one order of fried clams
· Play a sweet air guitar solo on stage at an “oxygen” concert
· Drink, “one bourbon, one scotch, one beer.” Only to ask myself in the
morning why I would ever do that
· “Make it rain on these hoes”
· Actually arrive at the bar, so I can remember being there
· Prank call T. Guy Minetti’s evil twin brother, T. Gary Minetti and laugh
· Watch Colton Orr knock out Fedoruk on youtube, at least 4 times
· Finally get with Abby Bernstein, even though every one at camp thinks
I’m a stallion


  • At 11:26 PM, Anonymous T.Source2 said…

    people thought this list was so weak they just kept commenting on the previous list

  • At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Kid Minetti said…

    Seriously, you rolled up to the party with this list and a case of Heineken Light and everyone was like: Nice, at least now we know who the narc is.

  • At 10:04 AM, Anonymous smoke my cock said…


  • At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Templars of Steel said…

    This list is so weak I thought Ty Webb wrote it...Air Guitar at an "Oxygen" concert? At least go for a Sax solo with Foreigner.

  • At 11:40 PM, Anonymous cheech said…

    yea sorry to say man but that list would definitely kill any bender...not armageddon it on this one


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