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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Found this list in a lost email from months ago and it was too funny not to post

People who I think probably bro together (Source2, Bauerout, Kid Springsteen)

2006 Yankee backup catcher Kelly Stinnet and the keyboard player From Bon Jovi

2006 Yankee backup catcher who replaces Stinnet, Sal Fasano definitly bros with the guy with the mustache from City Slickers and when Harry met sally. Also Dustin Hoffman in Hook

John Cena from WWF and Mark Walberg (funky bunch era)

The other dad from "my two dads" not Paul Risner and Mr.

Turner from Boy meets world or the lead singer of the Beegees

Corey Ham's dad from Fast getaway and the dad from Blossom

Mr Chubet and Farris Buellers dad

Bill Murray from Ghostbusters and Steve Guttenburg from Police Academy 2.
Although now Guttenburg just hangs out with Spuds Mackenzie and thinks back on better times.

Denunzio from Caddyshack and the younger guy who works at Nickys Pizza in Larchmont. The older guy with Mustache and white blotches on his arms that I always thought was flour from the dough who still barely speaks english hates Denunzio.

Chris Miller's dad who ran Little League for like 100 years bros with the fat guy who put on HellTrack in the movie Rad. They get sloppy brown drunk at the Shore Club and Mr. Hurt always has to tell the bartender to cut them off.

The Hamburglar and Grimace always bro together. Thats fact.


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