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Friday, October 21, 2005

(By: The Rimmer)

--But I, sure as Tom Sizemore’s Meth addiction, don’t want to know. Because you got the head chef looking like Dennis Haysbert from Heat serving two 50-year Probation Sentences for pulling thrill-seeking Liquor Store Hold-Ups with a “Born To Lose” tattoo on his Chest.
--Are the Daily Specials catered to the fresh “snatch” of the day? I’m no stripper connoisseur, as far as you know, but I have never seen the daily Food trucks loading in and out at Strip Clubs. “I hear the Bass blanched w/ the Crème Freche Panties is absolutely divine Honey. Hey Grandma, what will you be having tonight.” …I don’t think so. You may think you know, but I don’t think you know.
--How’s the Anniversary scene there? If you’re there to celebrate the big occasion, is your marriage on the outs, or are you creepin’ on the come up, TLC-style. My guess is the two of you are swingin’.
-- Do you have to repay the cover after having had dinner at the Chicken Strip Joint? And does dinner for four over $300 constitute a Free Lap Dance for the kids. “Now Johnny, remember, when the song ends, throw her off your lap, or it’s going to cost me another $20 that I can’t put on the Amex.”


  • At 1:15 AM, Anonymous When Siena Hockey was Sweet said…

    We went to a "team lunch" in Latham, NY compliments of "Night Moves". Come to find out that they don't serve lunch we pretty much saw some dirty Albany snatch for free...Too bad the lights were turned down so low for their beat-the fuck-up pussies...kinda like that girl mike hooked up with first semester freshman year...gross


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