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Thursday, August 04, 2005


That faggot from the Crestor Cholesterol commerical. First of all, where the hell are you? This piker is walking down a glass spiral staircase that looks like it belongs in the Wizard of OZ. Second of all, each step he lands on lights up with a lower cholesterol number. Ease Billy Jean video! Ease!

Judge Judy...I would do anything to spray fart that bitch strictly because she looks like that old bag from Throw Mama From the Train and besides, for some reason I think she would enjoy it.

Interstate 95(see my Biggest Beefs with Rush Hour List)

The lady who sits right next to me at work and laughs like a 12 year old on hellium. Go ahead...keep it up bitch and you just might get a fat ol' cock in your mouth.

People who keep there sunglasses on inside in places like the mall or something. For all the guys that do this, we all know you are checking out every piece of ass that walks by, but don't think you will ever score because you are a fucking creep. Also just because Corey Hart is your role model does not make it cool or acceptable.

Corey Hart wearing his sunglasses at night.

Rockwell singing "It always feels like...somebody's watching me" Trust me one is watching you...well...except Corey Hart at night.

People who leave Anonymous comments on Fun List Fridays. Step up cowards so I can shoot your ass down. Who the fuck are you hiding from. This web page isn't even public yet. It is a fucking blog!

Women being proud...Get over it...taking a huge load in your face after anal sex is nothing to be proud of.

Geico car commericals. They were funny once but now it is time to ease. I mean the one with Tony Little and the Gazelle is so pathetic because they have that faggot juicebox reading Q cards that are way off to the left,its like they never even watched it first before it aired. is priceless.

The Yankees pitching rotation especially Randy Johnson, Al Leiter, and of course KEVIN BROWN. If we do not make the playoffs, I will personally skull fuck all of you in front of your kids.

White or black denim

People who think GAY is "in"...yea have fun defending this one to your girlfriend.

Joan Rivers and her daughter who looks like she would be the stunt devil for Sandra Bullock in Spaceballs if Sandra Bullock was in Spaceballs...which is funny because Joan was in Spaceballs...weird...I just thought of that now while writing this list.Anyway, Joan who are you to be a fashion critic? You look like that nasty old bitch Magda from Something about Mary and you probably give the worst head on the planet.


  • At 11:23 AM, Anonymous brocktoon said…

    hey, what did mandy patinkin every do to you?? are we forgetting the princess bride? ease bitch!

  • At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Tara Reid said…

    I like taking a facial before AND after anal.

    Plus one time I let Finch fist me. Ha Ha! Shitbreak!


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