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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Be a Jedi Pornstar

Win the PGA Tour

Hustle teenagers in mini golf

Jedi Pool Shark

Play center field and bat fourth for the Yanks in the playoffs

Give AROD hitting lessons

Convince my boss for a raise stricly because he knows I have Jedi powers and there is nothing he can do. Also I would get Monday's and Fridays off like I was in college still...I would make my Boss build a landing platform on the roof of my building for my space cruiser. By the way I would convince the annoying girl who sits next to me to make me a PB & J sandwich every morning for breakfast with the crust cut off.

Go to the gym and pump iron to make the meat heads look like Rick Springfield

Win the worlds strongest man contest and Out Door Sports Competition

Wrestle a wild gator

Make a Great White Shark cry

Make the band Great White cry

Convince the rap community that they are not hard, gangster, thug like, phat, dirty, lil, playas, or even hatters...Then I would make them all think that Boys II Men is where it is at and that Lionel Ritchie is everyones father.

Go to Irag on a secret covert operation with nothing but a black cape, hand gun, machine gun, light sabor, and a pack of Reds...I would tell no one about the mission and forever the government will try to understand how we put an end to the war on terror.

Brainwash Orlando Bloom into thinking he is actually a Barbie Doll and never even was an actor.

Convince all the teenage pop star chicks that they belong in porno geting filled out like the common application by Jedi Pornstar Source2

Erase the idea that Coby vs Macango has been the last list for 5 weeks.


  • At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Black Hero said…

    No crust guy? Fucking weak. However...nice list

  • At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bout time that stupid boat list gets taboot


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