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Monday, October 24, 2005


I hate when I go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and the waiter has to read me the specials. Look, I don't mind it but the reality is that I will not remember what the hell you just said. Once I picture in my head what the first dish will do to my stomach I have already missed the next two. Why don't they just print the specials out on a piece of paper or have one of those chalk boards. It is so easy. I am more likely to order the special if I can read over the options...fucking assholes.

"The Nicknamer" Settle the fuck down buddy...relax...who do you think you are to just call your self the one who comes up with nicknames...and then even call yourself "the nicknamer"? Here is a nick about...Balloon knot...or...little brown ring...what else is another name for tell me nicknamer you fucking pussy.

Going to take a piss at a urinal and losing the contest...For all of you who do not know what the contest is and denies being a participant is full of shit...The contest is when you pull up to the urinal next to someone and from your first reaction your thinking..."oh I definitly have this loser beat, no way this chump has a bigger dick than me." Then you take your quick glance and find out that you look like a fucking infant and you have to retreat to the bar to regain your soaring confidence that you just road out from your last "W"...The times you lose are rough, but there is nothing like a fucking win...especially when you predicted a lose on yourself from the start...either way you live to play another day. By the way the contest has been around for ages...why do you think some bathrooms have those really small sketchy urinals that have no side panels and you have no choice but to see an entire row of wangs to your right and is fucking aweful. Might as well step up to the plate. I guess my only grievance is losing.

This so called rule that a guy has to go down on the girl before she goes down on you...Where the fuck did this come from...or how about when you go down on them and they still dont go down on you. This has only happened once and I was dumbfounded. I was like, "listen bitch I just spent 30 minutes down there in vietnam like conditions and I cant even score a quick knober?" Some nerve on these chicks...some nerve.

Condoms...enough said

Slow drivers in fast cars...stop being such as fucking worthless have $85,000 and 300 horses under your foot...just push down. Worst case scenario you get a fucking speeding ticket...join the club bitches.

People who actually slow down at yellow know who you are a bunch of pussies...yellow means go faster you asshole because you are about to get stuck in a red light if you slow down...Man that shit pisses me off!

People who post comments but never contribute a obviously spend enough time reading these fucking things and have enough time to post a comment, so why the fuck can't you send a list to it is on the top of our it because you are not funny enough or to much of a bitch...either way you suck know who you all are.



  • At 6:04 PM, Anonymous I'm A Priest And I Make Little Kids Touch Me said…

    That dick peek list was a little creepy

  • At 9:53 PM, Anonymous MC Gusto said…

    yeah way creepy


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