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Monday, October 24, 2005


1. Lifetime supply of Hi-C Ecto Cooler
2. Game-used pair of James Worthy's Rec-Specs
3. World's Largest Crossword Wall Puzzle, courtesy of Delta Skymiles catalogue
4. A roundhouse kick to the face, courtesy of Chuck Norris
5. 1983 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with the Cheryl Tiegs pull-out cover
6. Nickelodeon's GUTS The Complete Second Season on VHS
7. An autographed Clay Bellinger bobble-head doll
8. Banjo Lessons from Ronnie James Dio's brother, Elrod
9. Road head from Ronnie James Dio's sister, Ursula
10. A date with Tad Hamilton
11. A free Crystal Pepsi


Ebony Nuccas love Emerald Nuts
EMBO-shouting Neanderthals love Emerald Nuts
Empty Nalgenes love Emerald Nuts
Extinct Nordiques love Emerald Nuts
Expired Nillas love Emerald Nuts
Electric Num-chucks love Emerald Nuts
Exfoliating Nutbatter love Emerald Nuts
Enthusiastic Necrophiliacs love Emerald Nuts
Exotic Nehrus love Emerald Nuts
Eleanor Nightingale loves Emerald Nuts (Florence's sister)
Electrocuted Nordberg loves Emerald Nuts (OJ Simpson in Naked Gun)
Erstwhile Nazis love Emerald Nuts
Escalator Naysayers love Emerald Nuts
Emotional Nihilists love Emerald Nuts
Erotic Nurses love Emerald Nuts
Elephantized Nads love Emerald Nuts
Easter Island Nincumpoops love Emerald Nuts
Elusive Nemo loves Emerald Nuts
Eskimo Nipples love Emerald Nuts
Easy-going Negroes love Emerald Nuts
Even Nostradamus loves Emerald Nuts


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  • At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Bob said…

    Ecto Cooler Hi-C....legendary

  • At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Sheriff Joe said…

    Source 2- that shit is too funny! (Too bad your groin lost the creepy dick-looking-race, H-mo....)

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    Yeah seriously...EASE guysuckballs

  • At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Fetal Punt said…


    your arthritic hands look great on my cock.


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