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Monday, April 17, 2006


Ate the most intense heady pot brownies @ 6am for a 7am flight out of Newark, NJ

A couple on the plane who kept trying to make small talk about their new color screen video iPODs. Don't they know that Ty Webb has an old IPOD and was so fucking high that he was seeing triple at this point and not listening?

Married couple who woke up a pissed off Source2 at 7:45 just to tell me that they were going to start drinking because it was St Patty's day. At this point I felt like I was tripping my face off and wanted to do nothing but watch Thundercats while under my old Thundercat blanket, but I ultimately thanked them and ordered a Screwdriver.

Source2 had a nervous breakdown after realizing forgotten iPOD on dresser. Flight atendant complained.

Golf Bags of course had not arrived with us in Arizona. They showed up at Midnight, 7 hours before our Saturday morning tee-time, causing a major panic/drunken episode on Friday night.

Polished a $80 bottle of Patron Tequilla in under an hour upon our arrival.

Started drinking double Crown Royal/Sour/Soda's at 7:43 1st hole.

Did not win longest drive or closest to pin contests, but did capture highest bar tab award during tourney resulting in bottle of Crown.

Went to a club Saturday night and Ty Webb lost "The Contest" to Charles Barkley in the Bathroom but was "ok" with it...How do you win against those odds?

A drunk and limber Ty Webb approached 2 girls who had been previously Double Teamed in the past by a friend of the host and inquired about a possilbe roast for himself. He was turned down quickly because they heard he lost "The Contest" to Charles Barkley


  • At 12:45 PM, Anonymous wrong duck dong said…

    i don't know, and maybe it's been posted befole, but rooking at nother man's wang is way gay...

  • At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Del P said…

    Thats a bummer...Source 2 is always getting shat on when he tries to promote the contest. Odds are " wrong duck dong" has a chode

  • At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Source2 said…

    the contest is not being promoted in this was simply being pointed out because it actually did happen between Ty and CB


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