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Friday, September 10, 2004

Possible Excuses For Why Fun List Fridays Hasn't Been Updated Since June 14.

--Our writers were locked into a summer marathon of Miami Vice re-runs.

--We were shut down after I spent the DSL bill money on a sick pair of stone washed Zee Cavarrichees.

--My brother took the summer off to "work on his music."

--Steven Segal complained.

--I developed a bit of a "drinking problem."

-- Patriot Act

--Busy tracking down an original copy of 'Gleaming The Cube.'

--Overflow of lists sent in after Republican National Convention jammed the motherboard--I had to blast a really rocking Van Halen cassette just to drown out the sound.

What Makes Mtv's Kurt Loder Cry

--running out of cocaine
--orphans smiling
--being naked
--the utter banality of life after the Manchester scene died
--Having to seriously interview Good Charlotte

For Some Reason I'm Confident I Could Kick Your Ass Even Though We've Never Met

--Your name is Ira
--You're a guy wearing Capris pants
--You're a girl
--You're in an emo band
--You're a raver
--You're blind


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