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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


--You are blind and have no arms and no legs
--You knock the instructor's cup of coffee off the dashboard
--Balancing the steering wheel with your knees while loading a one-hitter isn't the proper way to drive (no matter what Spencer taught you)
--Asking the instructor if he minds if you two roll by Leonardo's for a couple slices of Si.
-- Making an illegal left turn into the high school, then chilling at A-Wall.
--While switching into third gear you accidentally grab the guy's dick. (**if its hard you'll probably still pass, but you will be stuck in the creepiest afterschool special ever. Fortunately you may be able to get those Leo's slices afterall)
--You pick up some heads, beep Shake, and tell him you'll meet him under the bridge by Imperial.
--Failing to come to a complete stop.
--After coming to a complete stop you say out loud S-T-O-P, smile at the instructor, then pump the biggest Hydraulic bounce dance since Ice Cube's It Was A Good Day video.
--Suggesting that since you're already in New Rochelle if the instructor wouldn't mind keeping his head ducked while you cruise North Ave.
--Nailing some old geezers crossing the Winged Foot driveway and then calculating your point totals.
--Blasting System of a Down as you swerve across a double yellow line on Boston Post Road to pass some minivan traffic.
--Getting caught disengaging the instructors passenger-side brake set while he registers your paper work in the DMV


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