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Friday, January 27, 2006

I must contribute to Gangsta's farewell. First of all...the two gay ones were uncalled for. If you think The Tuna Melt and Unexpected Protein were over the top.
Try these on for size:
These are three very strong power moves, and if you can actually find a girl willing, you are a legend, but could also be considered kinda sketchy. I call them the "Blumpkin Trio" (Source2)

1. The Standard Blumpkin aka "The Classic": The girl straight up sucks your cock while you take a shit on a toilet.

2. The Double Blumpkin: This one takes some serious balls. You are at a party and want to drop an upper decker deuce in the toilet, which is a pro move in itself. So while you are taking a shit in the upper deck, she is sitting on the toilet facing you and sucking your cock, but the beauty part is that she is also dropping some serious wolf bait herself in the actual toilet.

3. The Blumpkin El Nino: I can't even type this one with out laughing my ass off. It is the same exact things as the "Standard Blumpkin" only difference is while she is sucking your dick, you drop a log or violent sloppy and the splash from the toilet water flys up between your legs and hits her in the face. Priceless.


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