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Friday, March 28, 2008

As I watched Karate Kid last night in preparation for my 80’s party, I started to think about Karate Kid 2. I was thinking Danny tried so hard to get with Ali Mills, but KK II starts with him getting dumped by her not long after he was crowned the All-Valley Champion. So I figured I would write a list of possible reasons Ali dropped Danielle:(LHawk & Source to the mutha truckin 2)

-Seeing Johnny cry made her realize he was a softy at heart, and she ended up pumping him right the parking lot after the tourney.

- After Danny won, Ali snuck down into the locker room only to find Miyagi feeding Danny his man-meat. She was so appalled that she crane kicked both of them.

- When she did finally try to bone Danny, he was the worst lay….ever.

- Danny caught her gang banging the entire Cobra Kai clan, so she dumped him.

- She only used Danny to get to Miyagi...

- She got wind that Adventures in Babysitting was filming the next day and she couldn’t get involved.

- She realized she was gay and fled town with Danny’s mom and her scrambled eggs

- She realized the attraction to older men was just inevitable and she gave in to the John Kreese factor. Hence the reason why Miyagi got all fired up to kick the shit out of Kreese at the beginning of KK II. He knew about Kreese. I think he was more pissed she cheated on him with Kreese vs her cheating on Danny

- She decided to become a tom boy and got into hard core fisting with her ratty arcade friend while they listen to the cure


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