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Saturday, April 03, 2004


Gary Carter's Honeycomb Afro Puffs--Finally Nabisco recreated the perfect color and consistency of cereal for this future Hall of Famer's crunchy curls. Best if eaten out of a earless Mets batting helmet.

Doc Gooden's Pitchers Mounds of Special K--Great pick-me-up of late night nourishment. Mounds of special k cut with a line of sugar resembling a pitchers rubber. The doctor knows best!

Lenny Dykstra's Chaw Soup--Shredded wheat with a slight tinge of honey summer blend flavoring. Let the milk make it soggy and stick a spoonful in yer cheek for an hour or so.

Strawberry's Sweet Swing Pops--Chocolate nostrils filled with sugar and strawberries make this early morning eye-opener a sweettooth favorite.

Hernandez Zucherritos(translated: little sugar things)--Orange and Blue died corn puffs shaped like little 17's. Some of the 7s look like noses and have little marshmallow moustaches.

Wally Backman and Rafael Santana's Fruity Pebbles--No question you loved watching these two turn two on the field, but now its 6-4-3 on the breakfast table as well. Towel snapping, crackle, pop was the lockerroom vibe as well for these two fruity pebbles. Grrr.

Mookie Crisps--Mini cookies. Mini chips. Mookie Crisps; not even Bill Buckner could handle that.


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