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Friday, March 26, 2004


Zach's high tops are the shit compared to Slaters double buckle stoned wash jeans.
Zach's hair was way sweeter than Slater's Jerry Curl Express
Zach didn't have to play sports to get chicks.(Slater wore spandex on wrestling team? Kinda suspect dont you think?)
Zach dated Kelly the majority of episodes and also managed to hook up with Jesse (while she was dating Slater), Lisa (fully knowing Screetch, his best friend, loved her), and J.B. (Slater's little sister). Enough said--Morris is Spanish Fly
Even in the college years when slater went for the short hair look to get rid of his curls, Zach blows him away when he goes for the long sweet surfer hair look.
Slater dates that ugly annoying girl in the college years, while Zach snags Kelly once again.
Zach was in the middle school years, Slater wasn't.
Zach was in tight with Johnny Dakoda, while Slater struck out at the Hollywood party at Johnny's house.
Zach sold more poster pin ups than Slater from the start of the show until present day.