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Monday, March 29, 2004


Dan Cortez- "MTV Sports" was Joe's second favorite show.

Eric Nies-"The Grind" was his first favorite show.

Ryan Seacreast-Even though he wouldn't like to admit.

Dean Cain

Adam Corolla-Obvious reasons and reasons are girls jumping on trapolines.

Donnie Whalberg-"The Right Stuff" was The Rogenator's favorite song.

Uncle Jesse-He's everyone's role model.

Sly Stallone-Because the Rogenstein's favorite movie is "Oscar". He thinks it the funniest thing Stallone has ever done. Ever.

Patrick Dempsey-Roganbone wishes he would deliver him a pizza with extra anchioves.

Art Mann- Rogan wishes he could be wild on E with this Rob Blake look a like.