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Friday, February 11, 2005


Reason 1: He told me he had his first wet dream while his younger brother was in the bed.
Reason 2: He is the only one of our friends who has been to the bar "Monkey" in Winooski VT that we all think is a gay bar but we really don't know because why would we go check it out if we thought it was a gay bar?
Reason 3: Whenever we are at a party or bar and the scene is pretty weak he always suggests we hit up "Monkey" thinking if we are drunk maybe we will go.
Reason 4: While we we're watching our friends roast some chick, he told me all he could look at was his roomate cumming.
Reason 5: While watching ESPN he stated that he was "feeling" Brady Andersons side burns.
Reason 6: Read reasons 1 through 5 again.
Reason 7: Reason 4
Reason 8: Reason 1
Reason 9: Seriously though, reason 2
Reason 10: Ok, reason 4


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